Group Discount – Now available!


We’re really excited to welcome all you wonderful dancers to Cork, and we’re especially excited to meet all those who will be coming from abroad. In reflection of that excitement we’d like to extend a group discount to all those coming from overseas. If a group of 10+ come from any one city to attend the workshops you’ll be able to avail of a 25% discount on your ticket. To obtain this discount you’ll need to contact our team for a unique discount code for you and your friends before you register. Feel free to contact us at and we’ll provide you with a code to use at the time of your registration.

Our DJ Dream @ Cork City Swing


We know how important great DJing is to small and local scenes (as it’s probably the majority of the music we social dance to). So with this in mind we thought we’d get some fantastic DJs on-board to talk to us about their philosophies on DJing and how they create the best experience possible for the dancers that they play for.

Our guest DJs, Laura Knight and Kibble, will each be holding a talk outlining their thoughts and opinions on what makes a great DJ, as well as what they think are some of the cornerstones of good DJing practice. We’re excited to hear what two of London’s favourite DJs have to say on the topic! Keep an eye out for announcements with more information on these talks.